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ACUMEN was founded in Sanchong, Taiwan in 1976. At the beginning of establishment, we mainly focused on the professional toothbrush production machinery supply and development and gradually transformed into toothbrush production as the core of business. With nearly half century of experience accumulation and continuous innovation, ACUMEN has plenty customers all over the world, and also OEM for several internationally renowned toothbrush brands and taking a leading position in the industry. Today, the company’s headquarters is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and the production bases are in Taiwan, China and Vietnam, a total annual output of 500 million pieces of toothbrush.
Professional manufacturing plants located in Taiwan, China and Vietnam provide customers more choices and flexibility in the formulation of sales strategies as well as supply resilience options



ACUMEN has been deeply involved in the toothbrush industry for nearly 50 years and has mastered the core key technologies as well, with strong vertical integration abilities, from the research of product, molds required for toothbrush production and packaging or even to build up a full automatic production line all can be independently completed by ACUMEN. In terms of materials, the filaments and color masterbatch used in toothbrushes also can be produced inhouse at ACUMEN. Through vertical integration and simultaneous development, we offer an even quicker product launch service to customers, with excellent manufacturing skills and stable high quality to meet customer needs, this is how ACUMEN to be recognized by internationally renowned brands

Core Value

Honesty and Integrity:
ACUMEN has always adhered to this concept, and will be taking this as the foundation of the operation, and continued to move towards sustainable operation

Customers and employees are two very important links that supports the operations of company’s and ACUMEN will keep its promises to assisting customers and employees to create maximum benefits and well-being

The trust from each customer is the driving force that keeps ACUMEN continuous growing and moving forward, and we will strive to become a reliable and strategic partner for every customer

Constantly invest in research and development to be at the forefront of the industry

Core Value

ACUMEN Milestone

ACUMEN was founded in Sanchong, Taiwan in 1976
Development, manufacturing and trading of tufting machinery
Toothbrush manufacturing plant established in Nanning Guangxi China
Bristle manufacturing plant established in Nanning Guangxi China
Operation of inhouse mold shop started
Toothbrush manufacturing plant established in Ho Chi Ming City Vietnam
Expansion of China plant
One step forward in vertical integration, a color masterbatch plant established in Nanning base
SAP / ERP system adoption began
Expansion of Vietnam plant to 11,000 square meter
Innovative self made two-color toothbrush rotational mold launched
Innovative self made three-color and four-color toothbrush rotational mold launched
Recognized by an International Famous Brand Product Development Award
Innovative development two-color toothbrush insert shift mold development
動工 Construction of new plant in Taiwan Taoyuan started
Self-developed first automatic production line put into use in China plant
Whole new automatic production line factory put into use in China plant
Plant in Taoyuan, Taiwan officially mass-produced
Innovative development three-color toothbrush insert shift mold
Import several the most advanced anchorless production equipment from Europe
Anchorless toothbrush successfully launched
Won SUPPLIER EXCELLENCE AWARD from global well known client


ACUMEN implements saving and carbon reduction plans by continuously optimizing the production procedure and collecting carbon emission data from the process. Also, to increase the use of alternative plastics or recyclable materials to launch more environmentally friendly toothbrush products and packaging to minimize the use of plastics.
In addition, ACUMEN gradually integrates the concept of ESG sustainable development (Environmental, Social & Governance) into the company culture. We look forward to not only doing our part to protect the environment, but also moving towards the sustainable operation of the enterprise



With the joint efforts of all staff, ACUMEN has passed the certification of ISO9001 and ISO13485, which also means that our quality has been recognized internationally